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Security cameras and sensors from PSA Products

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Security sensors provided by PSA Products have strong shields that block unwanted detection areas. A plug-in terminal block is also provided inside a security sensor from PSA Products for quick and easy installation. This sensor can be rotated to adjust the detection zone. These are user friendly sensors that work efficiently.

Security sensors from PSA Products are provided with multi-segmented lens for better performance. These sensors can be easily mounted to walls. PSA Products’ security sensors are high in demand because these sensors detect large detection areas. A photocell is built inside a security sensor from PSA Products for automatic operation during night. This sensor is deactivated during daylight.

It is also easy to fix the desired level of light in the security sensors for automatic operation. An adjustable illumination timer control provided with a security sensor can work up to twelve minutes. These sensors are ideal for use both outdoors and indoors as these are have weather proof properties.

PSA Products provides a full range of security cameras. Different types of full body cameras, ultra small cameras, dome cameras, special and waterproof cameras are offered by PSA Products on a large scale. All these products are highly efficient and reliable. Digital video recorders, lenses and accessories for CCTV cameras are also provided by PSA Products.

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