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Wash-down scales for the food and chemical industry

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When scales are used in a wash down area or where there is a high chance or product spillages or cold rooms where condensation is unavoidable, you need a scale that can handle the environment.

Most manufactures have their waterproof scales tested to an ingress protection standard, commonly known as an IP rating. This rating advises on the degree of protection to prevent dust, liquids and other objects penetrating the scale or load cell enclosure. The most common ratings you will see on waterproof scales are described below in basic terms.

IP65 – Dust proof and protected against splashes and water jets

IP66 – Dust proof and protected against strong water jets

IP67 – Dust proof and protected against temporary immersion in water

IP69k – Dust proof and protected against high pressure and high temperature (80°c) cleaning

It is important to note that to maintain its IP rating, the equipment must at all time be in good order. If cover screws are missing, cable glands or other cable entry points are not secure then this could affect the IP integrity and possibly void warranties.

Another area of concern are wet areas that have high temperature changes. These changes often cause enclosures to expand and contract which may cause moisture to be “sucked” into the enclosure. This is often the case with load cell junction boxes on platform scales. Once moisture gets into the load cell wiring it can cause weight drift or erratic readings. If left unchecked, moisture will eventually work its way into the load cell and the load cell will have to be replaced.

ProWeigh supplies the ADAM Warrior range of wash-down scales which are an affordable product for any wet area. These scales offer a specially designed housing to protect the load cell, a ribbed seal on the indicator housing with unused option ports fitted with blanking plugs and covers.

With their IP66 weight indicator, IP67 rated load cell and a tough 304 stainless steel scale base they are ideal for harsh wash-down and clean room environments. These scales range in weighing capacities from 8kg to 150kg with various platform sizes available.

There is a standard RS232 printer output available and an optional relay interface for connection to external check weighing controls such as a light tower or conveyor interlock.

For further information on the Warrior range of scales or wet area weighing in general, please contact Peter at ProWeigh on 0415 833 702.

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