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Diamond fence chainwire mesh from Protective Fencing

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Protective Fencing  provide a variety of chainwire mesh manufactured from Australian onesteel wire. The range includes mesh suitable for temporary fencing, domestic, security fencing, extreme use, tennis court, golf court and security screen applications.

In the Diamond fence chainwire mesh range the knuckle and barb selvedge is nominated by the client at the time of purchase. The chainwire length is strained length of roll. The size of the mesh is the maximum distance between the wires and these form the parallel sides of the diamond shape. The core wire diameter ranges from 2.50mm to 3.15mm. The roll length width measurement includes the first twist of the barbs and the knuckle/s.

The galvanising of the Diamond fence chainwire mesh is of standard grade Class B and complies with AS1650-2.2. There is also a heavy grade Class A galvanizing available complies with AS 1725-2.2. The width tolerance of the chainwire is +/- 25%.

For temporary fencing applications, the Chainwire 60 x 2.24 Mesh range is suitable, while the Chainwire 60 x 2.50 Mesh is suitable for domestic applications. Chainwire 50 x 2.50 Mesh is ideal for scaffold mesh and temporary fencing applications and Chainwire 50 x 2.50 Mesh for security fencing applications. For Heavy Duty Security Fencing and Extreme Use Applications, Chainwire 50 x 3.15 Mesh and Chainwire 50 x 4.0 Mesh are most suited.

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