Stop Water Flow and Protect Waterways with Pronal Inflatable Pipe Stoppers

by Pronal

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Pronal’s Inflatable Pipe Stoppers are constructed from high quality fibre-reinforced elastomer and are being expanded by Air Springs Supply for industrial, resources and environmental applications.

Completely leak proof and safe to use
Pronal's inflatable pipe stoppers are simple to install and can be used to:
  • Test pipes for leaks under pressure (joint testing)
  • Isolate pipes for maintenance (inspection stoppers)
  • Temporarily seal pipes to avoid run off of toxic materials (pollution stoppers)
  • Provide highly portable and reusable medium and high pressure stoppers for offshore use
  • Provide high pressure, self contained stoppers for specialised uses, from power stations to nuclear plants
Prevent accidental contamination with Pollu-plug Stoppers by creating an air tight seal within water pipes
Pollu-plug’s provide a simple and quick way to prevent accidental contamination of waterways from spills into water and sewerage lines.
  • Effectively contains toxic fluid spills and prevents further spreading downstream in the pipeline and the environment
  • Uninflated stopper allows normal non-polluted contents to pass beneath the elastomer-coated Pollu-Plug, which is located flat inside the top of a pipeline
  • Connected by an air supply line to an all-weather control panel and nitrogen inflation cylinder supplied by the customer and located outside the pipe
  • Available in diameters between 100-1000mm and lengths of 450-2050mm and custom sizes can be produced on request
Designed to be simple, efficient and require little maintenance
  • Inflated at pressures of between 40 and 120 KPa, depending on pipeline diameter, pollu-plug's complement Pronal’s extensive range of OFR stoppers designed for maximum sealing diameters of 770-2115mm
  • Designed for rapid inflation for tight sealing to prevent accidental pollution
  • Pronal water flow stoppers are suitable for a wide variety of pipes including concrete, cast iron, steel, stainless steel and PVC
Pronal has extensive global experience in elastomer technology with design projects in fields as diverse as military, aerospace, offshore, industrial, mechanical, hydraulic, nuclear, water and waste water and environmental areas. Pronal information and contact details


Question: 11/09/14 - All products can besourced through head office in NSW. Please feel free to contact us on 02 98074077, or send us an email

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