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Proven Elastomer Technology from Pronal Expanded for Oil and Gas Construction, Testing and Maintenance Tasks

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article image Elastomer Technology in Offshore Applications

A comprehensive range of proven elastomer technology for onshore, offshore and underwater construction, engineering and maintenance tasks is being introduced to Australia by Pronal national distributor, Air Springs Supply Pty Ltd.  

Pronal is the company that made the deep sea flotation tanks used to raise wreckage from the ocean liner Titanic 4000 metres beneath the icy North Atlantic, says Air Springs Supply’s General Manager Mr Simon Agar.

Pronal’s robust high quality fibre-reinforced elastomer products include inflatable pipe stoppers up to 3000mm in diameter. The stoppers are used for applications such as:

  • Test pipes for leaks under pressure (joint testing)
  • Isolate pipes for maintenance (inspection stoppers)
  • Temporarily seal pipes to avoid runoff of toxic materials (pollution stoppers)
  • Provide highly portable and re-usable medium and high-pressure stoppers for offshore use
  • Provide high-pressure, self-contained stoppers for specialised uses, including power and water utilities
The highly diversified stopper range includes standard or made-to-measure models for low pressure and high pressure (over 100 bar) applications with a choice of shapes (cylindrical, ovoid and square) as well as specific models to comply with particular specifications.

Pronal has also used its civil and military know-how to develop new, flexible and innovative technical solutions intended for engineering, construction and maintenance of drilling platforms as well as seabed operations. These products include:

Inflatable seals and annular seals

Their high mechanical resistance makes them suitable for applications where a perfect seal is required. Available either as original equipment or spare parts, they are frequently applied in or between pipes as an annular seal or in tubes, conduits, machinery and installations in the industrial, mining, mineral processing, offshore, energy and safety sectors.

Underwater parachutes and lifting units

These standard products are designed for use in multiple marine and offshore applications. When filled with air, they can be used to handle loads up to five tons.  

Deep sea flotation tanks

These products can raise loads at depths down to 4000 metres. Filled with a liquid of density lower than seawater, this equipment was used to raise wreckage from the Titanic.  

Recovery and decommissioning equipment

This includes technology designed to move platform equipment in safety and security during decommissioning. Products are robustly manufactured from vulcanised rubber-coated fabrics.  

Jacket equipment system

Complete ‘Packer-Can’ system for installation of platform legs, the equipment includes grouting packer, grout seal, mud wiper, diaphragm and other products.  

Buoyancy bags and cushions

Inflatable buoyancy devices are designed to facilitate underwater work including installation and recovery operations.  

Hyperbaric welding habitat door and sleeve

These products provide a habitat facilitating hyperbaric welding operations in dry conditions. These include flexible doors, sleeves and seals.  

Clamping systems

These inflatable systems are used to repair and seal damaged pipes to provide reliable functions.

These systems can be installed by divers or remote operation vehicles at great depths. They can also be used onshore.  

Flexible support cushions

The flexible cushions are designed for installing seabed pipelines.    

Additionally, specific systems are designed and modified by Pronal’s engineering department to deal with situations subject to particular constraints.

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