Pronal Pallet Grippers for Gripping Plastic and Glass Bottles Securely from Pronal

by Pronal

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Pronal’s palletising grippers effectively grip plastic and glass bottles safely and securely during palletising and de-palletising. These grippers are ideal for application during food and beverage production processes by preventing breakages and improving overall productivity and output.

Highly compatible for rapid automated bottling and packaging systems
  • Flexible design can accommodate for minor variations in bottle positioning during rapid movement
  • Suitable for bottles or objects with unusual shapes
  • Use in multiple banks of gripping lengths
Durable construction for long term performance
  • Manufactured from durable, hot vulcanised elastomer coated fabrics
  • One in/outlet is supplied with grippers, additional in/outlets can be supplied if required
  • Half inflatable bottle grippers can also be supplied
  • Custom made palletising grippers are available upon request
Grip products with necessary lifting force
Pronal palletising and depalletising gripper systems work well with rapid bottling and packaging lines, sensing the position of products and creating the required lifting force. All grippers are configured to specific customer requirements. Pronal information and contact details

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06/09/10 - The palletising grippers are used to safely and securely handle plastic and glass bottles during the palletising and de-palletising process.

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