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Pacific permanent magnetic lifters available from Prolift Solutions Pty Ltd employ magnetic force to lift a wide range of goods in diverse industries.  

Pacific permanent lifting magnets are suitable for the safe transportation and lifting of steel bars, engine parts, semi-manufactured goods and moulds. The magnetic force in these lifters eliminates the need to use slings, clamps or other holding devices, preventing damage to lifted goods.  

Pacific permanent lifting magnets offer a high degree of safety since there is no requirement for electricity to operate the magnetic lifters.  

Key features of Pacific permanent lifting magnets: 

  • Breakaway force 3.5 times greater than the working load limit
  • Weight ranging from 3kg to 440kg
  • Less than 1% residual magnetism after operation
  • Simple switch and safety button design allows for single-handed operation
  • Larger sizes available up to 6000kg

Determining the right type of magnetic lifter for an application:  

The capacity of the lifting magnet is determined by the thickness and surface quality of the component. It is necessary prior to operation, to find out the percentage of the steel thickness of the component and capacity curve.  

If the component’s surface roughness (Ra) is less than 6.3um, the magnetic lifter surface gap will not exist and the lifting capacity will be 100%. If the Ra is greater than 6.3um, the lifter gap should be estimated.

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