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BGN-2 Dual Drum Lifters available from Prolift Solutions Pty Ltd

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Prolift Solutions Pty Ltd  offers a comprehensive range of forklift drum handling equipment for lifting single or two drums easily.  

BGN-2 dual drum lifters can be used to lift a single drum or two drums at a time using the grab beak mechanism. Two drums are lifted side-by-side and the lifter is suitable for standard 205-litre steel or plastic drums.  

BGN-2 dual drum lifters are designed to provide a good field of vision to the operator, enabling a vantage position for continuous observation of the drums being handled safely. The operator need not leave the driver’s seat.  

The unique beak design of the dual drum lifters provides a high clamping force, even when travelling over uneven ground.  

Designed for continuous operation, BGN-2 dual drum lifters have very few moving parts, minimising downtime for repairs.    

A contoured rest acts at a point low enough down the drum to prevent damage to the drum and its labelling.  


  • Pocket Size: 185mm x 60mm
  • Pocket Centres: 600mm
  • Safe Working Load (SWL): 1500kg
  • Unit Weight: 95kg
  • Load Centre: 1250mm
  • HCG: 580mm
  • VCG: 175mm
  • Zinc Plated Finish

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