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250kg JDN Mini Air Hoists from Prolift Solutions

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The 250kg JDN mini air hoists available from Prolift Solutions Pty Ltd feature a patented motor brake system and robust aluminium housing in a low maintenance design.  

Incorporating only a few components, the lightweight JDN mini air hoists feature a small headroom and are easy to handle and move around.  

Manufactured in Germany, JDN mini air hoists are suitable for use in hazardous areas and horizontal pulling applications. The mini air hoists can withstand dust and humidity in harsh and demanding environments.  

Key features of 250kg JDN mini air hoists: 

  • Fail-safe brake in the event of air supply failure
  • Self-cooling air motor will not overheat
  • Only six atmospheres of compressed air required
  • Suitable for application in hazardous areas and horizontal pulling
  • Sensitive infinitely variable speed control for precise positioning of loads
  • Insensitive to dust and humidity
  • Wide operating temperature range from –20ºC to +50ºC
  • Manufactured in Germany under strict quality control with demanding tolerances
  • Low maintenance design delivers 100% duty cycle in all environmental conditions
  • Extra load chain or extended pendant length as required
  • Hoist comes complete with 3m lift height, 2m variable speed pendant, chain bucket and emergency stop
  • Custom lift heights also available  


  • Hoist model: Mini 250
  • Hoist Rated Capacity: 250kg
  • Stock Code: JDN253
  • Weight at standard 3m lift: 10.5kg
  • Motor output: 0.4kW
  • Chain dimension: 4x12mm
  • Air pressure: 6 bar
  • Air consumption: G3/8
  • Lifting speed at full load: 8m/min
  • Lowering speed at full load: 16m/min

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