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For more than 15 years, Projex Group has been working with designers, engineers, project managers and contractors in specifying and supplying Link-Seals into water and waste treatment plants, desalination plants, oil refineries, gas plants, hospitals, sewage plants throughout Australia.

Link-Seal® Modular Seals are a positive hydrostatic seal that seals the annular space and is considered to be the premier method for permanently sealing pipes of any size passing through walls, floors and ceilings.

Link-Seals are a robust product and are specially formulated to withstand attack from ozone, UV, water, hydrocarbons and a wide range of chemicals.

Link-Seals are also available for a wide variety of special applications, temperature extremes, exotic chemical combinations and for slightly “out of round” or non-centered applications.

Simple and reliable penetration seals
Benefits in using the Link-Seal® Modular Seals:
  • Saves time and money

  • Positive hydrostatic seal
 - rated to 5 Bar – 500KpA
  • Long seal life

  • Maximum protection against corrosion
  • Chemical, hydrocarbon and temperature resistant
  • Mechanical Seal - Can be adjusted and re-fitted
  • Maintenance free after installation
  • Easily installed by one person/contractor – only hand tools required
  • No curing time required
Pipe seals for a wide range of applications
Site engineers and maintenance contractors prefer Link-Seals:
  • If a leak occurs at any time in the future due to excessive pipe movement, the Link-Seals can be tightened to stop the leak
  • If at any time in the future the pipe needs to be removed it is only a matter of loosening the Link-Seals
  • If another pipe of the same diameter as the original pipe is then installed the original Link-Seals can be re-used to seal the penetration
  • The Link-Seals allow for minor pipe axial movement without breaking the seal
Installation times have been reduced to up to 70% whether it was new works, a retrofit situation and during “Maintenance Shutdowns".

High resistance penetration seals

The Link-Seals range includes:

  • Link-Seal – EPDM Seal - Resistant to Non-Aggressive Chemicals (water, sewage, etc)
  • Link-Seal – Nitrile Seal - Resistant to Aggressive Chemicals (oils, gas, hydraulic fluid, etc)
  • Link-Seal – Silicone Seal (T-Model) - Resistant to Extreme Temperatures
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Question: 20/05/14 - Projex Group are thenational distributors for Link-Seal in Australia, how may we be of assistanceto you?Michael Herder email:
Question: 21/12/12 - Yes, Link-Seals are suitable for both new works and retrofit situations. Link-Seals are installed after the pipe has been placed into position. Always ... read more
Question: 21/12/12 - Link-Seals do not require any assistance to create a watertight seal. However, if a filler is specified (to fill the void in front of the Link-Seals) ... read more
Question: 21/12/12 - Link-Seals are easy, quick and clean to install. You need no chemicals and no special tools are required, only an Allen key or a hand-wrench and socket
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05/12/12 - Projex Group recently introduced Link-Seal at the Coffs Harbour Australian Water Association (AWA) trade show.

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