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Profast  is a proudly Australian owned company founded in 2000 by Trevor Brown. With offices located in Brisbane (head office) and Perth, Trevor has utilized his 25 plus years experience in the Specialized Fastening Industry to develop and support a product line that services the Trailer / Truck Body manufacture and repair industries. The technical sales team at Profast have over 100 years’ collective experience in the specialized fastening market and an in-depth knowledge of the transport industry and its specific fastening requirements.  

Our fastening products are biased towards rivets, rivet derivatives, threaded nut inserts and associated installation tooling. One of our main points of difference is we distribute these products as an independent broker rather than as a proprietary distributor. Independence allows us to evaluate manufacturers worldwide and offer a stock range that we consider the best of the best. Working this way also gives us the ability to offer custom solutions for applications requiring more than just a standard part number.  Dealing directly with the manufacturer also keeps our pricing competitive with larger proprietary companies and their distributors.   

Proudly we are one of Australia's largest stockist of installation tooling for specialty rivets, threaded inserts, and lock-bolts.  We not only stock and sell a wide range of quality tooling, but we also carry a wide range of spare parts, and have full service and repair facilities on-site.  We also have a range of tools for hire.  

Our current tooling program includes equipment to install the following industrial fasteners: Monobolt, Mega-Lockâ, Magnalok, Interlock, Mega-grip, Hemlok, Magnabulb, Orlock, Magna-grip, Maxlok, C6L, Avdelok, Bulb-tite, Avtainer, and Hucktainer Profast not only supplies quality products at competitive prices, but are also customer focused.  We are always there for the end user, presenting fasteners, tooling and ideas that make engineering and economic sense.

Profast specialize in high strength vibration proof fasteners and installation tooling for the Transport Industry including:

Blind Fasteners

Profast stocks a large range of blind fasteners from regular multi-grip break stem rivets through to structural blind fasteners for use in motor body building, construction and container repair. Most blind fasteners are available in steel, aluminium or stainless steel depending on the application requirements.

Lock Bolts

Lock-Bolts typically consist of a pin and a collar and are usually “swage locking” and therefore vibration resistant. The installation process requires special tooling however assembly is extremely fast and a very simple process. The result is a more consistent joint with impressive installed values and high clamp force. This type of product is ideal for HVAC, transport, agricultural, sheet metal and structural steel fabricators.

Nut Inserts

A clever yet simple method of inserting a captive threaded insert into sheet metal, round or square tubes and even extruded aluminium sections. Widely used by manufacturers of tubular furniture, electrical switchgear, refrigeration, air-conditioning, metal cabinets and automotive components. Recent developments in technology now allow for the installation of a nut insert that has very high resistance to torque turn.

Installation Tooling

When it comes to installing blind fasteners, lock-bolts and nut-inserts PROFAST have a wealth of knowledge and experience. We present a wide range of installation tools to suit most purposes from jobbing or repair work right through to production manufacturing and heavy duty service. We have trialled and field tested tools from most manufacturers and settled on a range of tools that are made to a very high standard, easy to use and competitively priced.

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