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StuvEx chemical barrier from ProDetec

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The StuvEx chemical barrier from ProDetec consists of the explosion detector and the extinguishing agent bottle (EAB) with all required equipment integrated into these two components.  

A certified ATEX safety system, the StuvEx chemical barrier allows simple system installation and commissioning.

Operational safety is guaranteed since the StuvEx chemical barrier system is completely pressure-free during normal operation and the propellant is produced only at the moment it is needed by means of a gas generator.

The equipment demands limited maintenance, requiring only a simulation test and visual control of the EAB’s connection to the pipe to be performed each year. Replacement of the EAB after triggering takes no more than 15 minutes.

The detector in the StuvEx chemical barrier continuously monitors the volume to be protected. On detection of an explosion, it sends a signal to the EAB, which produces the huge amount of gas necessary to inject the extinguishing powder into the pipe within a few milliseconds, stopping the flame front at the location of the chemical barrier.  

The chemical barrier is available in a single model and is delivered as a complete package with all cables and accessories for simple design and installation.

Being a certified ATEX safety system, the StuvEx chemical barrier must be used for any application based on the instructions contained in the ATEX certificate, the product specifications and the user manual.

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