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Reliable gas detection with no false gas alarms from Simrad

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article image The GD10P IR Gas Detector

The Simrad GD10P Gas Detector, manufactured by Simtronics in Norway (previously known as Simrad Optronics) since the mid 1980's, and available exclusively in Australia and New Zealand from ProDetec , a leading supplier of Fire & Gas Detection equipment and solutions, has proved to be the most reliable IR point Combustible Gas & CO2 Detector on the market in all types of operating conditions.

Based on the patented Simtronics' SimSource, the silicon-based IR sources give the Simrad GD10P a number of unique features not available in conventional IR Gas Detectors.   

It is insensitive to shock and vibration and its long-term performance is stable. 

The Simrad GD10P SimSource has an expected in-service life of 60 years exceeding all current competing technologies, which in a lot of cases have an expected in-service life of only 2 to 4 years. 

The Simrad GD10P SimSource IR sources come with an uncompromising 15 years warranty and they do not need to be replaced during their service life.

Since it does not employ acoustically sensitive detector elements, the Simrad GD10P is not sensitive to vibration and rapid temperature changes, ensuring no false gas alarms.. 

Unlike traditional gas detectors based on filament lamps which regularly need to be recalibrated and replaced, the Simrad GD10P requires no initial calibration or recalibration during its service life.

Simple retrofit to replace existing catalytic detectors, No false gas alarms, No field recalibration, Fail Safe Operation and the Lowest cost of ownership are some of the many features of the Simrad GD10P Point IR Combustible Gas Detector.

With the Simrad GD10P, Simtronics succeeded in establishing an international industry ”standard” for gas detection.


  • Offshore Oil & Gas Platforms,
  • FPSO's & FSO's 
  • Refineries and Gas Plants,
  • Gas Compressor Stations,
  • Petrochemical & Chemical Manufacturing
  • Tank Farms & Terminals,
  • Power Stations,
  • Landfills,
  • Loading Bays,
  • etc...

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