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ProDetec unveils new DMTV63 series of multispectrum flame detectors

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article image DMTV63 series of multispectrum flame detectors

ProDetec  has launched the new Simrad Optronics range of multispectrum flame detectors, DMTV63 series, with inbuilt wireless communication. 

The DMTV63 series covers Multispectrum 3xIR and Enhanced UV/2xIR, which can be set as UV only, IR only or combined UV/2IR depending on the application’s condition and requirements.

The DMTV63 series is designed to cover a wide range while remaining immune to false alarms.

The DMTV63 series can handle almost any environmental condition such as rain, wind, rapid sunshine variations, modulate hot sources, industrial lighting and so on.

DMTV63 series’ fast response and longer detection range makes it ideal for troublesome installations both onshore and offshore:

Optical components, electronic circuitry as well as window cleanliness are controlled by automatic and periodic self-tests of optical integrity on all channels of measurement to ensure reliability.

The DMTV63 series is supplied with a smart and removable cartridge fitted with it, and this cartridge can be easily replaced in the field with another cartridge without having to disconnect wires and replace the entire detector.

Analogue 4-20mA output and built in programmable relays enables the DMTV63 series to interface with any fire unit or monitor directly automatic controls.

Wireless Communication is another feature. It allows operators to interface with the DMTV63 series remotely from up to 6 to 8m away. This offers great flexibility of use allowing remote settings and sensitivity adjustments as well as information gathering. The wireless interface unit is intrinsically safe so it can be used in classified area.

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