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P0 fire control panels from ProDetec

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ProDetec  presents the P0 switch cabinets, a range of fire detection and automatic fire extinction control panels specially designed for the protection of industrial risks such as spray or powder booths, industrial furnaces or drying ovens, and machining equipment among others.

Specially designed for local application fire protection systems, the P0 fire control panels are used in systems where it is imperative to put out an incipient fire rapidly. In such instances, the procedure involving a confirmation of the detection (double detection) and a time delay before the release of an extinguishing agent is too cumbersome.

P0 fire control panels are equipped with two lines for automatic fire detectors and one line for manual release switches. The fire detectors can be PAGG products or be supplied by another manufacturer (smoke detectors or heat detectors).

The fire panels can control two separate extinction lines, each of which consists of a CO2 solenoid valve, a pneumatic solenoid valve or a pyrotechnic cartridge.

Key features of P0 fire control panels:

  • Multiple operating connections between both inputs (detection lines) and both outputs (extinction lines)
  • Fitted with 3 types of time delays, particularly useful for intermittent extinction modes: extension, limitation and confirmation
  • Intermittent extinction mode activates the extinction only if the detector is triggered (only available with flame detectors from the PAGG range)

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