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Gas detection system for hazardous areas

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article image ProDetec’s multiplexing system.

PRODETEC has announced the new Simrad GD10M GasWeb, which makes it easy to expand a current gas detection system in hazardous areas while keeping new cable installation and expansion of control room control equipment to a minimum.

The easily retrofitable GD-10M GasWeb enables expanding chemical or petrochemical installations to avoid expensive re-installations by connecting up to six point and/or open path gas detectors to a single analogue input channel. It is compatible with Simrad's GD10P IR point detector and most other 4-20mA output gas and flame detectors.

The GD-10M multiplexes field signals and outputs a single 0-20mA signal using the existing input channel in the detection system, so expensive modifications to the existing control system can be avoided. In new installations it minimises cabling and installation costs.

On top of that, ProDetec says the system provides totally fail-safe gas measurements when fitted with any of the Simrad GD10P series of gas detectors.

It can be used to improve and enhance the safety and reliability from existing gas detection systems and also where environmental or operational reasons make the use of open path gas detection difficult.

The multiplexer compares the measured gas value from each connected sensor and presents the highest measured value on the output. Readings from a healthy detector will always override error messages.

The overall Fire & Gas system will read the output from the GD10M unit as if a single detector were connected to it and, by placing a GD10M in each process area; all the inputs from the gas detectors in that area will be covered by the multiplexer.

The system has a local display giving status and detector readout and, together with the output relays, provides the possibility of local alarms. The relay contact output feature of the GD10M means it can be used as a controller in small detection system.

ProDetec is exclusive distributor for Simrad Optronics products in Australia and New Zealand.

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