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article image Environmentally protected to IP-67.

PROCON Technology has released three data capture or data logging devices.

The Lascar temperature data logger EL-USB is 80mm long, 20mm in diameter and fully self-contained. With its protective cap fitted it is environmentally protected to IP-67. It operates from -25°C and 80°C with a resolution of 0.5 and an accuracy of ±1°C. Temperatures can be automatically logged at intervals from 10 seconds to 12 hours. High and low alarms can be set and a logger name and a start date and time can be programmed. The El-USB is powered by a lithium battery which allows data to be remotely logged for up to a year is read by plugging it into any USB computer port and using the software provided.

The CHY 48R multilogger is a DMM with 4.5-digit back lit display. It has all the measurement features of a DMM including temperature measurement between -50°C and 1300°C and frequency measurement to 10MHz. It also measures duty cycle and pulse width, capacitance to 15,000μF, 5V logic test, a high and low alarm, time of day clock and a minimum, maximum and average display. It can store up to 6500 samples of real time data with adjustable sample time in logging mode or up to 32,000 manually saved events. The data is stored in internal memory and may be downloaded to a PC for later analysis. The unit measures 90mm x 55mm x 200mm and may be powered by batteries (supplied) or an external 12V dc supply (optional extra). It is supplied with two thermocouples, holster, software, test leads and an optical isolated RS232 lead.

The QM1294 is a menu-driven digital multimeter that can be set up for an unskilled operator to perform testing with a simple pass or fail displayed. It has a backlit autoranging display with true rms ac measurement. Temperature, frequency, capacitance and transistor tests are included as well as 5V logic testing or 0V-40V CMOS logic testing and a TTL signal generator output to 10KHz with adjustable duty cycle. It has an autohold function that displays the last two readings at adjustable intervals, a stopwatch and countdown timer test lead error, and a blown fuse indictor.

It measures 190mm x 90mm x 36mm and is supplied with battery, holster, test leads, thermocouple, signal generator and RS232 leads.

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