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High speed camera service for food industry available from Process Vision

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Process speeds in the food industry continue to increase as manufacturers seek to maintain efficiency in a demanding business environment. With many manufacturers now processing at greater than 400 units per minute, it has become increasingly difficult to effectively diagnose process faults simply because they are too fast to see with the human eye.

Australian manufacturing service company, Process Vision , offers a professional high speed camera service on an hourly basis, to take the guesswork out of fault finding on high speed equipment.

Using the recent ultra slow-motion imaging equipment, Process Vision takes high-definition, full colour footage of manufacturing processes at up to 2000 frames per second. The footage is then replayed much more slowly, frame by frame if necessary, to reveal process detail that is too fast for the eye to see.

Using this information, the root cause of many process problems is quickly and accurately found without wasting costly process time using the trial and error approach that is often the last resort when machine speeds exceed the ability of the human eye.

Process Vision has combined the recent high speed camera equipment with vastly experienced manufacturing engineers to provide a potent and cost effective solution to food industry manufacturing problems.

Process Vision engineers are available 24hrs, 7 days a week to service demanding manufacturing companies.

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