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ValvesOnline have a range of Nickel Plated Brass Ball Valves of high quality full bore 2way and 3way L port and T port which offer special features such as live loaded packing for high duty cycle. The BLB series are available in 2way full bore brass ball valve ½” to 4” BSP and 3way full bore brass ball valve L port or T port ½” to 2” BSP.

The BLB series brass ball valves offer special FKM packing’s that are located behind the PTFE valve seat. The packing gives a continuous loading and allows it to take up any wear by moving the valve seat forward. This unique feature is ideal for heavy duty and high cycle applications with actuator control.

Another feature is that the BLB series 3way L port and T port brass ball have full bore. This is unique amongst most ball models which normally have reduced bore. The BLB series are a nickel plated brass ball model with a high quality stainless steel finish on the valve sealing face and a temperature range of -10° C to 130° C. Available in pneumatic double acting brass ball valve, pneumatic single acting brass ball valve and electric actuated brass ball model.

The data sheet Series BLB data sheet has further specifications and terms.

They also stock a comprehensive range of accessories for these items including Namur solenoids (direct mount), multiple solenoid items on manifolds, pneumatic lever and panel mounting valves, limit switch box, speed controllers, filter/regulators, tubing and fittings.

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