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GPProEX V2.5 HMI screen creation software available from Pro-Face Australia

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Pro-Face Australia  have announced the launch of GPProEX V2.5, a HMI screen creation software package. This software package can be used to programme Pro-Face Australia‘s AGP3000 series, LT3000 series, AST3000 series, Handy panel series and IPC series.

The GPProEX V2.5 is developed to run on Windows 2000 (SP3), Windows XP (SP1 and above) and Windows Vista Premium editions. The key feature of the GPProEX V2.5 is to simplify and reduce application design time.

The GPProEX V2.5 offers the following features:

  • Users can create beautiful screens using 3D pushbuttons and lamps from the huge parts library.
  • Users can animate their own objects and change the hues of imported pictures.
  • Users can create their own parts and store their own libraries.
  • To run complex calculations, either D-script, ladder logic or Instruction list needs to be used.
  • Keep a track of addresses used in the PLC/connected controllers and the HMI’s internal memory area with the address mapping feature; use the Header and Footer files for frequently used items.
  • Select up to 16 different functions to one pushbutton.
  • Overlays parts on top of each other with the transparent background colour feature.
  • Uses the bulk parts conversion to change the shape of multiple parts.
  • Improved parts alignment tool for better parts placement.
  • Automatic character size adjustment when switching languages.
  • Simulates application with the simulation tool; this feature will run ladder logic, Instruction list and D-script; PLC data can also be input.

This is a free upgrade to anyone who already has GPPRoEX V2.0, V2.1 or V2.2.

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