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On-line valve lubrication and sealing services available from Pressure Lube International

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With more than 15 years experience in the on-line valve lubrication and sealing services business, Pressure Lube International (PLI) specialise in on-site repairs for both large and small operations in Australia, New Zealand, UK and the Middle East. Pressure Lube International also manufacture fittings, adaptors, safety tools, pumps and equipment for valve maintenance.

One of the key capabilities of Pressure Lube International is the unique method of flushing, lubricating and sealing a valve on-line without having to close in the valve. Since the objective of a valve is to be in control of a process without passing or leaking, the Pressure Lube International process helps to ensure valves remain easy to operate and personnel can continue to manage the system.

Any valve which has Pressure Lube International’s lubrication / emergency sealing fitting can be serviced by Pressure Lube International. A passing or seized valve can be kept on line by a method of cleaning risers or lube lines, to allow the injection of 100% synthetic lubricants or sealants. Whether on wellheads, production platform or pipeline, the Pressure Lube International Valve Healthcare Programme has proven to increase valve integrity and reduce costs.

In 2003 Pressure Lube International joined forces with Valvetech Engineering, to offer customers with a better-quality range of products. Pressure Lube International recognise that each customer has different needs, therefore, Pressure Lube International offer three service options:

  • Short term (repair maintenance and testing)
  • Long term (development of preventative maintenance programmes)
  • Comprehensive valve refurbishment and repair through the alliance with Valvetech Engineering

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