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Laboratory chemical spill kits from Prenco Environmental Spill Control

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Laboratory chemical spill kits from Prenco Environmental Spill Control  utilise unique and safe pH indication and binding of chemical spills. These laboratory spill kits comes in a small compact carry bag and features “Uni-Safe pH Plus” high performance absorbent binder for all chemicals and fluids, including the highly hazardous hydrofluoric acid.

Uni-Safe pH Plus Chemical Binder features a Wideband pH Indicator. When sprinkled onto the spilled fluid, UNI-SAFE changes colour immediately to indicate whether the fluid is acid, neutral or alkaline.

A chart supplied on each Uni-Safe pH Plus container, shows the indicator range of pH 1 to pH13 which assists with the identification of the type of chemical spilt or to be controlled. There is an immediate result as soon as Uni-Safe contacts the fluid.

These laboratory chemical spill kits are housed in a soft pouch carry bag, measuring 25cm x 25cm x 13cm, which may be attached to a wall bracket.

These spill kits include:

  • A green bag (with handle and tab for wall mount)
  • A 500ml flip top Shaker Uni-Safe ph Plus binder
  • A half face mask and chemical filters
  • A yellow haz-chem pads
  • A pair of chemical resistant gloves
  • Chemical goggles
  • A small dust pan/brush
  • A yellow disposal bag and tie
  • A laminated instruction Guide/MSDS
Features of chemical spill kits with Uni-Safe pH Plus:
  • Binds all liquids into a non flowing gel
  • High absorbent capacity
  • No hazardous reactions with chemicals
  • Non Combustible
  • Non Toxic
  • Not Dangerous Goods
  • Acts as a fume/emission barrier to suppress vapours
  • Changes colour to indicate pH range

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