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The Sir Meccanica Top 200 CNC portable orbital lathe is a computerised, full-CNC lathe for precision outside, inside and face lapping of stationary tubing ends, that do not rotate and cannot be handled using conventional machine tools.

Performs all possible turning and thread cutting processes on-site
  • Lathe: Stock removing machine, whose cutting movement takes place thanks to the relative rotation between the piece and the cutting tool
  • Orbital: Machine whose tool traces circular paths around the piece to be worked on
  • Portable: It is the machine that is installed and fastened on the piece, instead of the piece instead of the piece being fastened onto the machine
  • Full CNC: Movements and parameters of machining are completely controlled by the computer. The control panel is made up of one single body, allowing for an easy operation of the machine through a touch screen and a pull out wheel. The software allows for editing/saving of the code of the tool’s route in a standard g-code and m-code
Typical applications
For “on site” turning with extreme precision (completely run by a CNC controller), on faces and internal and/or external extremetities of cylindrical surfaces, of fixed tubular bodies which are immovable or impossible to rotate.
  • Curved and/or internal and/or external linear interpolations
  • Simple and/or Profile Facing
  • Multi-Level cylindrical grooves
This Full CNC Portable Lathe is equipped with latest generation controller with touch screen technology and it can be programmed manually in place or via PC with CAD/CAM software. The tool path can be checked based on 3D simulation.

The special self-centring system with double expansion taper ensures secure gripping of any tubing, in any configuration. A “revolutionary” orbital cutting system and the compact size of the rotary head enable the T.O.P. machine to perform all jobs of a conventional stationary CNC lathe in an unconventional way.
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