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Metal stamping from Precision Components (Aust)

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Precision Components (Aust)  is a company which offers tooling, metal stamping and assembly products for customers in automotive and non automotive field. Precision Components (Aust) specialises in metal stampings of small, medium and large components with complex sub-assemblies. Precision Components (Aust) offers a wide range of services including Project Management of Machinery Removal service, Project Management of Machinery Reinstallation services, Project Management of Machinery Commissioning service, Tooling Programs, Prototype Components Special Purpose Robotic Cells and Check Fixtures.

Automotive customers of Precision Components (Aust) include GM Holden, AI Automotive, GM Dat, Hirotec Australia, and Mitsubishi Australia Limited. The non automotive customers of GM Dat, Hirotec Australia, include Beasley and Electrolux.

Precision Components (Aust) offers stamping capacity including AA line stamping, A line stamping, B line stamping and Cline stamping. Precision Components (Aust) offers AA line stamping including Press AA1 stamping, Press AA2 stamping and Press AA3 stamping. The AA1 stamping from Precision Components (Aust) has 1000-600 Perry & Ton Wilkins Double Action Press with a Bed which has an area 3656 x 2132 with Air cushion. Precision Components (Aust) offers AA2 stamping 600 Ton Bliss Single Action Press with a Bed area 3656 x 2132 with Air cushion.

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