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The ABS XL Hopper Scale from Precia Molen is used for the bulk weighing of products. Suitable for use on food plants, storage and port silos the ABS-XL Hopper scale has a simple yet solid design.

Bulk products can be weighed through the many stages and transfer process- loading, unloading, silo transfer etc.

Easy to install and maintain

  • Control and management by the I 400 ABS instrumentation system
  • Accurate to 0.1%
  • A temperature interval of -10 to +40°C
  • Certified for use in a dusty ATEX atmosphere, for internal zones 21 or 20 and external zone 22

A feed section and a weight hopper make up the two parts of the machine supporting the operation process

  • Filling- product flows from upper bin to weigh hopper
  • Full weight record- feed gates close when set weight is reached
  • Discharge- discharge gates open to release product
  • Empty weight record- scale determines and saves residual weight

The ABS XL Hopper Scale has an extremely high accuracy and efficiency level and is available in a range of models. 

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