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Intelligent Thyristor (SCR) power control and measurement solutions from Practical Control Solutions are designed to meet the demands of industrial electric heating processes, solid state relays, rectifiers and temperature control.

Simple to configure Single Phase Thyristor (SCR) Power Controllers
  • Thyristor Power Controller REVO-CL 1PH (RCL) 35A to 700A: Easy integration and maintenance with front panel display and keyboard for complete flexibility
  • Thyristor Power Controller Multidrive 1PH (M1) 850A to 2700A: Optimised control with fully digital multidrive and Thyristor Power Controller developed to suit most load types
  • Thyristor Power Controller REVO-S 1PH 30A to 210A: High performance solid state REVO-S relays/ thyristors for reduced integration costs, space efficiency and time
  • Custom 1PH 300A to 800A: Versatile applications as an on/off switch enhanced with logic input or as a burst controller complimented with analogue input
Reduced cost and heating with Two Phase Thyristor (SCR) Power Controllers
  • Thyristor Power Controller REVO-E 2PH (CD3000E 2PH) 35A to 700A: Innovative Microprocessor based thyristor suitable for Short Wave Infrared (SWIR), Inductive load types floating star and most other applications
  • Thyristor Power Controller Multidrive 2PH (M2) 35A to 2700A: Enhanced fully digital and universal unit with high performance micro configurable via serial communication ports
  • Display and Configuration unit for Thyristor (SCR) Power Controllers: Convenient panel mount operator interface for easy operation
  • Thyristor Power Controller REVO-S 2PH 30A to 210A: Advanced REVO-S solid state relays allow for controllers to be mounted beside each other for an overall reduced size enclosure
  • Custom 2PH 150A to 800A: Customisable Revo S developed for OEM with capability to minimise energy costs by controlled synchronisation and zone power limit
Versatile enough for almost any application Three Phase Thyristor (SCR) Power Controllers
  • Thyristor Power Controller REVO-E 3PH (CD3000E 3PH) 25A to 600A: Powerful complete digital and unversial Thyristor suitable to drive resistive, inductive and complex loads
  • Thyristor Power Controller Multidrive 3PH (M3) 35A to 2700A: Integrated microprocessor for Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) and Inductive 3, 4 and 6 wire
  • Display and Configuration unit for Thyristor (SCR) Power Controllers: Effective CD automation key pad for local or remote facility
  • Thyristor Power Controller REVO-S 3PH 30A to 210A: Simplistic design for space saving properties and reduced labour time
  • Custom 3PH 150A to 800A: OEM specific design with easy maintenance with front door opening
Delivering reliable intelligent Thyristor (SCR) power control solutions since 1996, Practical Control Solutions ensure you receive the right products for you. Practical Control Solutions information and contact details

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