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Solid State Relays and Solid State Relay Assemblies
Practical Control Solutions offers a complete range of standard and custom solid state relays and solid state relay assemblies for both AC and DC switching applications.

  • For higher current applications solid state switches are offered, based on discrete SCRs for AC switches, and MOSFETs for DC switches
  • Practical Control Solutions can also design assemblies to fit into existing enclosures as well as complete turnkey control panels incorporating temperature control instrumentation
  • Utilise thyristors based switch
  • DC models utilise mosfets or bipolar transistors
  • Zero cross switching for low noise operation
  • Optional random cross switching for inductive loads
  • Indicator LED on most models
Reliable High Current High Frequency Switching

  • Thermally engineered with heatsink and fans where required
  • Long operating life compared to electromechanical switches
  • Currents to 125 amps using modular SSRs, higher currents using SCRs
  • Optional power semiconductors and semiconductor protection fuses
  • Thermal switch to signal overtemperature
  • Acrylic cover
  • Switches for AC and DC applications
  • Custom builds available for your specific application

Engineered Solid State Relay Assemblies
Engineered solid relays and assemblies are suitable for application with:

  • Plastic extruders
  • Industrial kilns and furnaces    
  • Packaging equipment
  • Product drying
  • Automation equipment
  • Solenoids
The Practical Control Solution range of Solid State Relay Assemblies are suitable for any high frequency switching application. Practical Control Solutions information and contact details


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