Measure Level, Distance and Proximity in Chemically Aggressive Environments


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The UPR CP series of ultrasonic sensors are specially designed for use in chemically harsh environments. The UPR CP ultrasonic sensor features a PVDF housing and a PTFE membrane over the ultrasonic transducer, rendering it resistant against most acids and alkalis.

Versions are available with 0-10V/4-20mA analogue outputs for distance or level measurement or as proximity switches with digital logic outputs, either PNP or NPN.

Two different types of detection modes are configurable on the UPR CP ultrasonic sensor. In scanning mode the target partially reflects the ultrasound which is then detected by the sensor. In retroreflective mode an external reflector, made from any made from any material capable of reflecting the ultrasound, reflects the beam back to the sensor. An interruption of the beam would indicate a target object. Using this detection mode the sensor can detect sound absorbing material or targets at an angle that would reflect the beam away from the sensor.

The sensing range is from 120mm to 1500mm with the user being able to configure the ultrasonic beam size. Sensor configuration is easy to achieve via a “teach” in mode. The user simply connects a “teach” terminal to either the plus or minus terminal of the sensor power supply for a defined time period to set parameters such as ultrasonic beam size, switching points of digital outputs, zero and span for analogue signals.

The UPR CP ultrasonic sensor works in dirty, dusty, foggy and bright conditions and will measure independently of material surface, colour and size of target. It will also measure transparent and bright objects which could be problematic for optical sensors.
Sensor construction is robust. It is watertight to IP67 and oil resistant, plus it has an ATEX 22 rating.

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