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New energy storage system boosts peak power to Leinster’s underground winder

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Darwin-based Powercorp is working with BHP Billiton’s Leinster nickel operation to install PowerStore, a new robust power supply technology.

The flywheel-based energy storage system provides peak lopping and spinning reserve as well as overcoming transient and cyclic loads on grid-connected or isolated systems.

Powercorp marketing manager Will Galton says the company is installing the 1MW flywheel energy storage system to address just these issues associated with Leinster’s10MW underground production winder.

He says the new technology will reduce the winder’s cyclical peak demand by 1MW and reduce the spinning reserve by 1MW at the power station.

“The technology lets Leinster nickel operations increase winder production without further affecting the reliability of the power system,” Galton says.

PowerStore is connected to the HV winder sub-station some distance from the winder, and advanced communication and control enables the system to operate in a fully automatic mode. This provides power to the winder when it is most needed, independent of the variables such as loading or unloading delays.

Galton says the storage system is a stand-alone containerised solution that allows multiple systems to connect in parallel. It combines an 18MJ low-speed flywheel with two solid state IGBT-based converters.

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