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The range of Finn-Power hydraulic hose crimping and cutting machines from Powerco Crimping Australasia, are robust, reliable and easy to use. These crimping machines were the first products manufactured by Lillbacka Powerco Oy under the trade name Finn-Power.

Maximum operator ease and productivity
The Finn-Power range of crimping machines provide benefits to various industry applications.

Field Service Crimpers

  • Portable crimping machines are designed for field service, when repairs must be made on-site
  • Simple and straightforward in construction
  • Easy to operate and highly reliable
  • Surdy handles allow the portable units to be easily carried to any location
Medium Size Crimpers for General Production
  • Medium sized crimpers are easy to use, reliable and accurate
  • Compact, yet powerful for their size
Serial Production Crimpers
  • Handle large jobs with optimal crimping force, speed and efficiency
  • Versatile control system available on the market today
  • Choose from a wide range of die sets available
Heavy Duty Crimpers
  • Use in operations requiring the crimping of large hoses or the production of pipes of large sizes
  • They can be used for connecting parts requiring extremely high forces
Nut and Cable Crimping Machines
  • Finn-Power offers a line of nut and cable crimping machines, all of which have constant center line die movement
  • Provides fast, accurate and consistent results when crimping nut, ferrule and bushing applications
Side Feed Machines
  • Designed to load bent or angled parts directly into the vertical head design, without having to pass-through the crimping head
  • These models are ideally suited for oddly-shaped assemblies
Hydraulic and General Industrial Applications
The machines are precision engineered, yet ruggedly constructed for trouble free service in Hydraulic hose assemblies, tubes, pipes, wires, cables, plastics and fiberglass.

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Question: 15/01/15 - We suggest the 120UC machine forcrimping 6 wire hose up to 2”.

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