Delta CliQ DRP Series DIN Rail Power Supplies from Powerbox for Industrial Environments

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Delta CliQ DRP DIN Rail Power Supplies are made to withstand harsh industrial environments. The products in the Delta Cliq DRP Series feature conformal coating, making them suitable for outdoor areas where dust, moisture, hazardous chemical particles and condensation are most prevalent. They are manufactured with a rugged, compact metal case and plastic case that are both shock and vibration resistant, for reliability and durability.

Delta CliQ DRP Series DIN Rail Power Supplies are built to withstand harsh industrial environments

  • Fast wiring and easy installation
  • Compact design for easy handling
  • Power Boost 150%: for 3 seconds (CliQ), for 5 seconds (CliQ II)
  • Convection cooling
  • Rugged, reliable design with expected life of 10 years

The Delta CliQ DRP Series provide overvoltage, overload and over temperature protections and have a wide input voltage range design. The built-in Power Boost feature is a constantly available reserve power source that allows reliable start-up of loads with high inrush current.

Delta CliQ DRP Series allow for multiple wire connection to other terminals

  • Universal AC input voltage without power de-rating
  • Aluminium chassis models corrosion resistant
  • Conformal coating on PCBA

The Redundancy Solution ensures zero system down time when one of the power supplies fails or is disconnected unexpectedly. Both power supplies operate at approximately 50% load, when one fails, the other automatically takes ensuring the system continues to operate. The fault relay function alerts the user of any failure through potential free contacts. The LED lights on the Redundancy Modules also indicate the health of each individual power supply.

Delta products available from Powerbox

As a distributor of Delta Power Supply products in Australia and New Zealand, Powerbox offers our extensive product knowledge of the Delta range. Powerbox has Delta products available to purchase online, we can also work with you to find the optimal power converter solution for your application.

Typical applications for Powerbox Delta CliQ DRP Series Rail Power Supplies:

  • General engine constructions
  • Apparatus constructions
  • Building equipment
  • Packing equipment
  • Wood-working machines
  • Automotive engineering
  • Test and measurement
  • Environmental engineering
  • Construction machines
  • Automation processes
  • LED signage
  • Information technology
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Semi-conductors
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