The Hioki Memory HiCorder 8860-50 with Recording Logger and Oscilloscope Functionality

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The Hioki Memory HiCorder 8860-50 from Power Parameters offers recording logger and oscilloscope functionality. Accelerated by internal high-speed hardware, the model features computer-like operability that provides simple, faster operation.

The Hioki Memory HiCorder 8860-50 reliably captures waveform anomalies buried within normal signals

  • Large capacity internal memory
  • External sampling input capability
  • Internal memory division and segmentation function
  • Data can be written to solid-state memory and backed up to a storage device
  • Individual A/D converter for every input channel

The advanced trigger function of the Memory HiCorder 8860-50 accurately captures waveforms with diverse parameters

  • Trigger during capturing and search after capturing
  • Set multiple triggers on a single channel
  • Stop trigger is supported to enable the timing of measurement to be controlled for both the MEM and REC functions
  • Capture a sudden power loss with drop trigger
  • Slope trigger allows monitoring on noise superimposed on periodic waveforms
  • Edge and level detection of the logic trigger
  • Set the event times independently for each trigger source

For ease-of-use and simple interface, the Hioki Memory HiCorder 8860-50 from Power Parameters features a split screen format that allows for a different format independently for each sheet. The Phase Highlight feature, in addition with the split screen function, emphasizes the display of sections of a waveform that exceeds a certain level so detection is easy.

The Hioki Memory HiCorder 8860-50 can be controlled remotely with the Internet Browser with LAN/USB and calculation function

  • Data can be stored and loaded to and from a shared folder on a computer to the unit itself
  • USB mouse and keyboard connectivity
  • USE ports and external monitor output
  • Automatic saving during measurement
  • Set 16 groups of numerical calculations
  • Simultaneously display timeline and XY-axis composite waveforms
  • Redundancy against errors in the storage destination

The Hioki Memory HiCorder 8860-50 features a memory function that monitors fast waveforms as easily as an oscilloscope while the logger function records trend graphs in real time, and is ideal for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

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