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Power Packaging launches new range of protection film tapes

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Power Packaging presents a new range of protection film tapes designed for diverse applications on multiple surfaces.

Blue Protection Film

A blue tinted PE protection film with a coating of acrylic adhesive, the 50 micron product adheres well to a range of surfaces including glass, laminates, painted surfaces, benchtops and aluminium, and can be easily removed with no adhesive residue.

Offering benefits including excellent weatherability; stable low tack adhesive strength; UV resistance for up to 6 months; and easy application and removal with no adhesive residue, the blue protection film comes in 1200mm x 200M or 850mm x 200M options as standard. Custom sizes cut to order are also available on request.

This protection film is alternately available in 70um Green and 70um High Tack Orange options.

Black PVC Protection Tape

This flexible protection tape allows tearing by hand and comes in a standard black colour. The tape also offers UV resistance.

Tesa 51008 PE Protection Tape

Tesa 51008 protection tape is a packaging film based on a polyethylene backing (PE), allowing the mounting of PE films and recycling afterwards. The PE-backed Tesa 51008 is very user friendly because it can be torn by hand. The high tack is achieved with a natural rubber adhesive guaranteeing instantaneous adhesion and high tensile load.

The Power Packaging range of protection film tapes includes: Tesa PE protection tape for aluminium windows and other general purpose protection offering clean removal; translucent blue film for a variety of surfaces including glass with UV rating for 6 months; clear film for glass, splashbacks, metal or roller doors with custom printing option; orange film with higher tack for two-pack door spraying; premium green PE protection film for glass protection during transportation and construction, allowing easy removal; and heavy duty blue PE protection film for temporary protection of plastic and steel surfaces, such as benchtops and kitchen cabinetry, offering UV resistance and clean removal for up to 6 months.

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