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New concept in light-gauge plate cutting technology

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article image Adira E Type GH hydraulic swing beam shears.

A NEW concept in sheetmetal shear technology from Adira allows users to make perfect cuts with the minimisation - or even the elimination - of twists, camber, and bow, even on narrow plates.

Distributed in Australia by Power Machinery , the new range of Adira E Type GH hydraulic swing beam shears can be provided with an optional, patented, SCSC sheet support system.

This combined arrangement consisting of a pneumatic pivoting table and retractable pins in the backgauge bar allows the material to be kept flat during the cutting process.

This helps eliminate the common problem with light gauge sheetmetal where it sags and therefore doesn't measure accurately against the backgauge bar or in some cases fails to make contact with the bar at all.

But with the SCSC System, the thin gauge support table holds the plate, therefore enabling its end to reach the gauge bar and always ensuring the material is accurately cut to the required width.

Once the material is clamped and the sheet support table drops away the pins in the backgauge bar continue to hold the plate during the cut, this prevent twists and swing up at the end of the cut enabling the cut-off piece to fall down in a controlled way avoiding damage to its corners.

Another option is automatic contact cutting probes. When activated at the control panel the cut is engaged automatically by the contact of the sheetmetal or plate against the probes built into the gauge bar. Contact against two or more probes ensures the machine will not cut until the material is referenced squarely.

Accuracy is supported by the unit's steadiness which comes about from its sturdy welded frame and blade beam. The E Type GH series achieves a remarkable blade clearance consistency and maximum blade life due to its proven swing beam design. This makes blade overriding impossible.

Because the machine has an amply dimensioned table built into the frame there is almost zero deflection during cutting. An accurate and rigid back gauge ensures it is resistant to the hitting of the plates against the back gauge bar.

Scheduled maintenance is rarely required, but when it is necessary the tasks are very simple so down time is reduced.

The E Type GH Series detects the pressure required to complete each cut and develops only the required clamping force and cutting force necessary. This reduces damage to the material through the clamping operation, particularly with light or soft material and ensures longer machine life and reduces energy consumption.

Because of its very low cutting angle there is no need for rake angle adjustment systems, which again means fewer components. This very low cutting angle also ensures very little twist in narrow pieces even when cutting at maximum thickness.

An automatic retraction of the back gauge during the cut prevents wear on the gauge bar surface and the jamming of the cut-off between the gauge bar and the fixed blade.

When the backgauge is run out to its maximum dimension the unit swings up out of the way to enable the cutting of plates even wider than the back gauge travel.

Occupational health and safety aspects are not overlooked either. Apart from a new ergonomic control station, the hold-down guard has a new design with clear sight of the cutting line without sacrificing operator safety.

The bolsters on the wide table protect the hands during the plate feeding operation and prevent the drag of mill scale to the cutting area.

The Adira GH shears in E Type are controlled through a standard numerical control Adiramatic with programmable memory or through a Cybelec numerical control with clear advantages for increased productivity and simplicity for the user.

Either of these controls allows direct programming of the back gauge size; programming of up to 200 sequences distributed by 200 programs; and a work piece counter with up or down counting.

The E Type GH shears also feature a 300mm throat allowing slitting of plates infinitely longer than the actual cutting length of the machine.

Blade clearance adjustment according to material type and thickness is made quickly and easily by an adjustment of one handle. This can be motorised and/or computer controlled as an option.

Cutting length adjustment via an electronic transducer on the control panel increases the number of strokes per minute on short plates.

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