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Metal and non-metal water jet cutters

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article image Water jet technology has many advantages.

WATER jet cutters are proving themselves an ideal technology for unblemished finish on edges when cutting most materials beyond and including common industrial sheetmetal.

Waterjet is offering traditional sheetmetal fabricators the flexibility to tackle other materials not possible on traditional lasers and punch presses.

The new water jet technology is successfully cutting glass, marble, granite, wood, plastic, foam and other non-metal materials as well as the traditional mild steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

According to Power Machinery’s Ken Christensen, distributor for Water Jet Sweden AB, water jet technology has shown many advantages including no heat effect on the material and practically no marking.

"Because there is no heat effect on the material, the chances of altering the properties of the work sheet are zero," Mr Christensen said.

"Or it may be a situation where an operator wants absolutely no marks on the material, so once again the accuracy and quality of the water jet finish is crucial."

Power Machinery is a long-standing supplier of industrial automation, specialising in general sheetmetal automation and now branching into water jet technologies.

"This is now catching the attention of commercial and industrial glass cutters, granite shapers for the domestic kitchen and commercial markets, or anyone cutting marble - especially thick marble - or any product hard or soft where a neat finish is required," Mr Christensen said.

"Water jet cutting has a distinct advantage over laser on edge-work as a near-perfect edge is supplied virtually every time.

"Plus, the production is controlled by some of the most powerful automation software in the world, hence accuracy and speed is at the highest level and product wastage is completely minimised."

Waterjet cutting is also extremely versatile. Water jets can go through 300mm of block steel, thick plastic and wood, even Hardox and titanium don't present a real challenge for water jet.

Key to its performance is the abrasive running through the water. Not only is cutting effective but the water also acts as a fail proof coolant for this abrasive.

There is absolutely no heat effect on materials as is normally the case with heat generated by oxy plasma where a laser can obstruct the material and cause hotspots and bad spots. Water with abrasive (rosewater) does not have this effect.

This cold process, where a jet of 1mm makes it possible to place the parts close to each other on blank material, minimises scrap.

"Water jet cutters are extremely reliable to operate and the only real cost factor is that of the abrasive which is added to the water," Mr Christensen said.

"Waterjet cutters provide excellent accuracy, good speed, and very good value for money over the entire lifespan of a job sequence and hence maximise profit margins for the operator."

Water Jet Sweden AB manufactures systems in all sizes and for all applications, from integrated compact machines to systems with operating ranges of 9m x 4m or larger, as well as abrasive 5-axis water jet cutting heads.

Power Machinery 02 9971 1755.

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