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Power Flex Cables  supplies a comprehensive range of flexible and robust industrial cables, meeting highly demanding applications in industrial facilities.  

These high quality, European made cables are designed to withstand use in industrial environments such as process handling plants and can also be used in complicated automation environments. 

Power Flex Cables also supplies power distribution cables to the automotive robotic assembly market as well as various industrial portable power applications. Manufactured to provide greater flexibility and durability, these cables can withstand wear and abuse in extreme, rugged operating conditions and environments.

Key advantages of working with Power Flex Cables for cable supply include design support, high quality cables, on time delivery,  globally competitive pricing and extensive technical expertise in supplying correct solutions for each requirement.

Cables from Power Flex Cables come with OEM and IEC certification.

Product range:

  • Y PVC Flexible Control Cable
  • PVC-EMC Flexible Control Cable
  • PVC Flexible Drag Chain Cable
  • Robotics Cable
  • PVC Flat Cable
  • Screened PVC Flat Cable
  • Screened Rubber Flat Festoon Cable
  • PVC Pendant Overhead Crane Cable
  • Reeling Cable
  • Silicone Single Core Cable Halogen Free
  • Silicone Multicore Flexible Cable Halogen Free
  • BUS Technology Cables
  • H07RN-F Single and Multicore Flexible Cable
  • H07VVH6-F PVC Flat Cable
  • VCVH6-F Screened PVC Flat Cable
  • Reeling Cable
  • Halogen Free Cable
  • Screened and Unscreened Rubber Flat Festoon Cable
  • R PVC Pendant Overhead Crane Cable
  • PVC Flexible Cords 
  • HD Single Core Power/Welding
  • HD Unscreened Power/Submersible
  • HD Braid Screened VSD/Submersible
  • Copper Tape Screened VSD 
  • H07RN-F Single Core and Multicore
  • PVC Flexible Cords Ordinary Duty 2, 3, 4 & 5 Core
  • HD & HD-S Cords and Cables
  • SP Single Core Power and Welding Cables
Instrumentation Cables
  • Instrumentation Cables 
  • Flexible Control and Power HD Unscreened Power/Submersible
  • Multi Conductor Control and Power Cables 
  • Industrial Power Cables 
  • Industrial Medium-Voltage Cables 
  • Industrial Armour Cables
  • Control and Power Cables

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