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Yanmar Repower slashes fuel bills

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BERMAGUI pro fisherman Dominic Puglisi has re-powered his fishing trawler with a Yanmar 6KYM series engine and slashed more than $45,000 from his annual fuel bill. Yanmar marine and industrial diesel engines are distributed by Power Equipment .

Melisa is a 57 tonne, 60' carvel timber trawler built by Bob McLaren in 1982 and was originally powered by a 3408 Caterpillar engine. The old 365hp Caterpillar diesel engine was chewing through fuel at the rate of 55-60L per hour.

Dominic Puglisi looked at all the name brands in marine diesel engines, and spoke to local marine engineer Craig Hurst. He not only recommended the Yanmar 6KYM engine, but was absolutely convincing in his commitment to the product, says Puglisi.

The Yanmar people in Melbourne keep a 6KYM engine in stock for situations just like the Melisa re-power. Within 3 weeks of signing on for the repower, Melisa was back on the water, totally repowered and back at sea working.

The new Yanmar has similar vital statistics to the old engine that Craig Hurst removed. It develops 365 hp and is about 100 kgs lighter.

But Puglisi says the huge benefit is the fuel savings. Puglisi says fuel consumption on Melisa has dropped from 55-60L per hour to 38-40L per hour. With diesel fuel about $1 per litre that's a saving of $15-$20 per engine hour of operation. Given that he runs up to 3000 hours a year, the fuel saving in his first year of operation will be $45,000 to $50,000.

In addition to the fuel savings the benefits of the re-power continue. The new Yanmar is both narrower and shorter than the engine that it replaced, making more space available in the engine room. And with the new engine cooling system operating, the Twin Disc gearbox runs at 30° cooler.

Service intervals and down time have also been drastically reduced. Melisa used to be out of action every 200 hours while being serviced, whereas the service interval with the Yanmar 6KYM is now every 500 hours.

Puglisi says he is more than happy with his move to Yanmar, citing the fuel savings, lengthened service intervals and greater reliability.

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