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POSMarket Introduces ProTouch POS Software

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POSMarket.com.au  presents the ProTouch POS software designed to meet the business demands of the hospitality and retail industries.

Continuous product development in line with future customer needs is imperative for software products to remain competitive in the marketplace.

Based on 18 years of continuous development, ProTouch POS software has been designed with a flexibility that enables the product to be adapted to the ever-changing requirements of customers while being responsive to the operator’s needs.  

ProTouch retail software has been successfully implemented at 400+ sites throughout New Zealand, Australia and South Pacific.  

The POS solution has been able to cover a broad range of vertical markets from butcher shops, bars, petrol stations, hotels, bottle shops, nightclubs and fast food outlets through to general retail environments and speciality shops.

ProTouch incorporates a real-time information technology controlling system that starts at the POS and moves into the back office enabling stock control, in-depth reporting, cash, labour management, order taking and purchasing among other functions.  

ProTouch POS Software

ProTouch is a modular software that operates POS and business management in the retail industry.

ProTouch comprises of three main units:  

  • Treg: Touch register
  • Tman: Tab manager
  • Toffice: Touch back office  
Both Tman and Toffice programs have the ability to switch software modules and features enabling the system to be built and priced according to specific customer requirements by assigning only the required modules.

The Treg program allows custom modules to attach or integrate with other programs, facilitating flexibility and adaptability as this integration can be written by third-party developers.

All units are integrated and support one another in a retail environment, and the modules operate together to perform the complete business function.  

A key driver behind the ProTouch design strategy was that the NZ market was considered too small to have a vertical system solely for the hospitality industry.  

The system therefore allows third-party software companies to write and integrate their applications with the ProTouch with ease.

Key features of ProTouch POS Software:  

  • Modular design allows the system to be configured to meet the pricing and system complexity needs of small to large customers
  • All data is presented across the network in real-time to provide up-to-the-second information in labour, stock, sales reporting, table status, etc.
  • Front office register maximises the real-estate space of the screen with respect to the number of products that can be displayed
  • Register maximises product keys and minimises the management keys displayed on the screen, facilitating easy staff training and reducing the time to complete a sale
  • Each key press at the register is recorded at the register and sent to the back office providing absolute proof of each key stroke
  • User-friendly stock system with purchase orders and stock history, and the ability to roll a stock item at any stage
  • Graph report of server performance at the register plotted against break-even point
  • Adaptable in design to address multiple market segments
  • Open database design allows integration with products such as Microsoft Access to enable custom reporting
  • All reports can be saved in CSV file format ready for spreadsheet manipulation  
ProTouch product development includes:

  • Expanding the current back office to include online purchase and reporting, enabling management control of the business from any place via the web
  • TouchTec at the front end investigates integration between the new WAP/IP phones, allowing the user to place an order to the ProTouch system via the web

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