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Different types of barcode scanners

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Barcode scanners play an important role in the completion of a sale.

Different companies may have different types of POS systems but they are basically all the same in terms of the process and function involved in getting a job done and turning a sale into profit. But before all that, a scanner needs to look through the barcode of the item and match it with the system. This process makes profit possible in the same way that it makes inventory more manageable.

However, barcode scanners are of different types and may vary in performance and features. Before selecting a barcode scanner, one must research available options and identify a model that is compatible with specific business needs.

Barcode scanners include pen wands, slot scanners, CCD scanners, image scanners and laser scanners.

Pen wands

One of the most common types of barcode readers, the pen wand is cheap and durable with no movable parts. Pen wands need to be in direct contact with the barcode and should be held at a particular angle and a certain speed.

Slot scanners

Slot scanners are stationary devices that require the item to be pulled through the slot. These scanners are basically used in scanning barcodes with certain identification cards.

CCD scanners

Offering better ranges than pen wands, CCD scanners are usually used in retail stores and need to be held an inch or so away from the item's barcode. The CCD scanner has its limitations, especially when the barcode is wider.

Image scanners

Image scanners make use of a small video camera to get an image of the item's barcode. The camera can read the picture of the item’s barcode from up to 9 inches away. Offering almost the same performance as laser scanners, image scanners are available at a lower price.

Laser scanners

Laser scanners on the other hand, can either be handheld or stationary. Mirrors and lenses combine forces in order to read the barcode of an item regardless of its orientation. Distance-wise, it can scan items as far as 24 inches away.

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