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POSMarket provides a huge range of barcode scanners and readers to provide detailed up-to-date information on key aspects of the business such as fast selling items, slow selling items and inventory tracking.  

Barcode scanners and barcode readers

  • Handheld Barcode Scanners: The Hand Held Barcode Scanners are designed with a grip and a trigger to activate the scanning operation
  • Bluetooth Portable Barcode Scanners: Integrated Bluetooth wireless personal area networking (WPAN) provides reliable and secure wireless transmission of barcode data capture between the barcoding systems scanner and your host
  • Cordless CCD Barcode Scanners: CCD scanners work well in an indoor environment, often used to for small barcode scanning and have a shorter capture range than a Laser barcode scanner
  • Cordless Laser Barcode Scanners: Industrial laser scanners, developed for a warehouse barcoding type environment can scan up to ten metres
  • Omni Directional Desktop Barcode Scanners: Omni Directional Desktop Barcode Scanners are easy to use and are suited to a fast pace environment like retail stores or supermarkets
  • Omni Directional Inbench Barcode Scanners: Omni Directional Inbench Barcode Scanner Equipment are commonly found local supermarkets, and are usually fitted into the bench
  • PDA Barcode Scanners: Turn your PDA into a portable data terminal, by fitting a compatible scanner to your PDA
  • Portable Industrial Barcode Scanners: Designed for a rough environment, these ruggedized scanners are built to resist moisture, dust, dirt and drops
  • Scale Barcode Scanners: These are similar to an omni directional scanner, but with a built in scale, allowing you not only scan and weigh your products
  • 2D Barcode Scanners: 2D barcodes contain more information than conventional 1D linear barcodes, have scanners data capture encoded both horizontally and vertically

POSMarket are suppliers of a huge range of Barcode Readers, POS Software, Cash Registers, Receipt Printers, Touch Screens and more. Please visit the POSMarket website to learn more about their extensive range of POS products. information and contact details

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