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Australian made engineering plastics from Polysource

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Every few weeks we hear that another Aussie manufacturer has closed its doors. The Motor Vehicle Industry has made headlines, with the sheer number of employees laid off, but the ripple effect is profound and much more widespread.

Manufacturing is simply not a safe industry, unless you've fluked a niche in growing demand. Millions of Australians have lost their jobs to the rising tide of imports, and the rising strength of the Aussie Dollar isn't helping.

The Plastics and rubber industry has likewise suffered huge losses in expertise and manufacturing capability. While the mighty dollar does the talking, there are significant downsides to importing. Safety, quality control, lead times, minimum order quantities and product back up are all areas of concern. 

Polysource Australia are fighting back. They have partnered with 100% owned Australian factories, producing plastic sheet to International Standards, and comparable prices. The advantages are shorter lead times, colour matching, smaller order quantities, more sizes, and above all, immediate product support. With their locally produced engineering plastics, Polysource are making a difference in the scramble for imports. They don’t accept that rising imports are inevitable.

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