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PNR Australia Spray Nozzles offers full cone nozzles

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Technical Projects offers a wide range of hydraulic spray nozzle of PNR Australia Spray Nozzles . There are three key spray patterns that are formed by the wide range of hydraulic nozzles. The three spray patterns include Full Cone – Circular and Square Pattern, Flat Fan Pattern and Hollow Cone Pattern.

The liquid can be uniformly distributed over a square or circular area with a full cone spray pattern. A broad variety of full cone nozzles is available for common purpose applications and PNR Australia Spray Nozzles can further specially design nozzle types for specific applications as well.

Some of the more common types of full cone nozzles include X - Vane Narrow Spray Angles - Type BR/BU, Slotted Vane - Type AA, Slotted Vane - Type AE, S - Type Vane - Type AL (lowest clogging potential), Vaneless - Tangential Inlet - Type AT, X - Vane, Three Piece - Round Spray - Type BA/BC and various others.

Slotted Vane - Type AA type of construction provides a compressed nozzle length, usually shorter than other types. Slotted Vane - Type AA is useful in applications where there are restrictions of space and a constant spray distribution is a high priority.

The compact design of Slotted Vane - Type AA makes it one of the best choices where a plastic material like PP, PVC or PTFE is required.

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