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Platform Sales Australia makes available new 23 m tracked access platform

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TRACCESS 230, available from Platform Sales Australia , is designed for maximum versatility so as to satisfy a large variety of operators ranging from construction workers, arborculturists, painters, glazers, window cleaners and many more. The new tracked access platform is capable of climbing slopes, yet compact in dimensions. Measuring just  2 m in height, 5.2 m in length and 800 mm in width, the TRACCESS 230 is the most compact tracked access platform in its class.  

Benefits of the TRACCESS 230 include;  

  • Its “classic” sigma boom configuration (common to the CTE range) enables vertical plane work with one control; improving productivity.  
  • The machine’s 200 kg basket capacity is unrestricted up to 12m. The load cell enables safe maximum capacity to its maximum outreach.  
  • Maintenance of the TRACCESS 230 is simplified by a PLC which helps troubleshooting defects; this information is kept on memory.  
  • It is radio remote control operated. This facility operates drive and steer functions as well as outrigger deployment. When docked in the basket, it can also control all aerial functions.  
  • Stabilization is fully automatic and three distinct working conditions can be selected.  
  • TRACCESS 230 has a fly-boom which is capable of an arch of over 90° (reaching a 10° positive angle), to enhance flexibility and easy descent. A standard 90° + 90° cage rotation enables better access to work areas for both operators in the basket.  
  • The tracks are hydraulically extendable to enable stability and security in difficult terrain  
  • TRACCESS 230 is powered in its standard version by a Honda 15HP petrol engine (a Kubota diesel is available as an option).

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