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Export plastic pallets made in Australia

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article image Plastic2go’s plastic pallet will soon be unveiled.

AS every exporter in Australia already knows, countries all around the world are making their quarantine regulations stricter. This means fewer choices for export pallets and higher costs, says Plastic2go . Or maybe not?

Plastic2go will soon begin producing high-quality, technologically-advanced pallets, called P2G114N, right here in Australia.

Plastic2go's modern technology, coupled with revolutionary pallet design, will allow it to manufacture export pallets that are so light they are well below the manual lifting limit.

Special grooves will enable a person to lift this pallet by hand in accordance with health and safety regulations, even when the pallet is nested.

Plastic2go will use recycled plastic to make its new pallets, helping make Australia a cleaner place, while bringing good value to the market.

How does this affect exporters? That's simple says Plastic2go. Their new pallet is so affordable that exporters will have an excellent alternative to using treated timber.

Due to the lightweight and the nestable design, the new export pallet will make exporting from Australia a whole lot cheaper and easier.

Plastic2go is already offering the chance to pre-order the new pallet, which is scheduled to begin production in the next few months.

Product specifications:

* Length: 1140mm

* Weight: 7kg

* Width: 1140mm

* Static load: 2000kg

* Height: 142mm

* Dynamic load: 1000kg

* Safety rim: 6mm

* Forklift entry: 4-way

* Nesting height: 50mm

* Material: HDPE PP

* Stacking: nestable and stackable

* Bottom support: multiple feet.

The P2G114N is made from recycled and recyclable plastic, which means it’s impervious to acids, fats, solvents and odours and resistant to moisture, insects and fungi.

The product can withstand deep freezing and steam cleaning. It is also easy to clean and easy to handle.

The pallets are free of nails and splinters – another OH&S benefit.

The new pallet is suitable for export of light to medium-weight products in just about any industry such as fruits (from apricots to apples), vegetables (from artichokes to zucchinis); food industry: beverages, salad, cheese, cereal, fish, meat and more; household items, electrical and cookware; paper products, nappies and personal hygiene products; automotive: filters, air conditioners and other parts; plastic parts, toys and furniture; apparel and shoes; chemicals; computer and networking hardware and peripherals; construction supplies; glass products; mining; pharmaceuticals and publishing and printing.

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