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Ambulance Services of New South Wales Embraces Pivotel's Cutting Edge Satellite Technology

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Pivotel  is a specialist provider of revolutionary satellite technology to enable communications in diverse environments.  

In a job where every second counts and can mean the difference between life and death, Ambulance Services of New South Wales is embracing the latest in satellite technology to ensure their response time is faster and more reliable than ever before.  

With the need to ensure its services have only the very best available communications systems, the Ambulance Services of NSW has turned to Australia’s leading satellite provider, Pivotel for the latest technology, ensuring that nothing is left to chance in emergency rescue situations.  

Pivotel’s satellite phones, which receive signals through Low Earth Orbit (LEO) provide a more sustainable and effective method of delivering satellite communications with their unique use of standard mobile numbering, lower voice delays and better coverage in the remote areas of Australia.  

Pivotel's services provide a more seamless integration with other communication technologies used across different government departments, facilitating lower operating costs and greater ease of use that benefits the whole of the New South Wales Government.  

New South Wales Ambulance Operations Manager, Ian Cunningham recognises the benefits of Pivotel's Iridium solutions and services being offered to his team, who are often located in remote areas across NSW State and sometimes beyond.  

Pivotel's solution is also used within the NSW Ambulance Emergency Response Communications Unit, where a central point of command is established to coordinate communications during an emergency.  

“In providing such an important service for the local community, it is vital that we have the best resources available to us,” Mr Cunningham said.  

“As technology evolves, it opens up more opportunities for us to improve this level of service because at the end of the day it could make all the difference to someone’s life and their loved ones.”  

Peter Bolger, Managing Director of Pivotel believes his company is now well established as the preferred mobile satellite provider for governments and corporate organisations across Australia.  

According to Mr Bolger, their success in these markets is the result of Pivotel’s determination to ensure its technology solutions and support services are well matched to the needs of its customers, thereby delivering far superior total value.  

“Pivotel’s Iridium network utilises the best mobile satellite technology currently available on the market,” Mr Bolger explained.  

“Its ability to ensure the lines of communication remain open, even when there are local and regional outages in the fixed and mobile networks makes it particularly valuable to large organisations in the corporate and government sectors where reliable and cost-effective communication is vital to their operations.”  

Mr Cunningham couldn’t agree more as he has seen his fair share of traumatic situations in which the performance of effective and reliable communications around him are critical to whether the outcome will be a positive or negative one.  

“This new and improved satellite system will significantly benefit all our operations,” he added.  

“It will ensure our staff responds faster, that the closest ambulance is dispatched to the scene first and that we can do the best job possible. I can’t impress how important this is.”  

The Ambulance Services of NSW is not the only organisation benefiting from this cutting-edge satellite technology with Pivotel already providing vital communication systems to governmental departments in the Northern Territory and Western Australia.  

Pivotel believes much of its success comes from providing not only a more reliable satellite phone service, but one that is tuned to customer’s needs and backed up by a respected team of professionals.  

“Being a telecommunications carrier with our own infrastructure gives us the ability to deliver better customer solutions that are the envy of our competitors,” said Mr. Bolger.  

“We understand how important it is for government organisations to have a satellite service they can totally trust and rely on, and if we can make a difference to departments such as the emergency services and help them save a life then that is a very rewarding result.”  

Pivotel’s revolutionary satellite technology is available throughout Australia. 

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