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Sanitary engineering and pipeline design services from Pipeteck

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Pipeteck  offers sanitary engineering, fluid mechanics as well as pipeline design and rejuvenation services. Pipeteck supports a wide range of industries including water, plumbing, electrical, gas, telecommunication and property management. Updating new equipment and technologies are also rendered by Pipeteck for various industries.

Pipeteck also provides trade waste solutions to local health departments, water board and EPA requirements. Pipeteck provides installing applications required for treating trade waste. Pipeteck also carries out road traffic signs and barriers for roads up to 60 kilometres.

As a part of providing sanitary engineering and fluid mechanics services, Pipeteck offers Pipeline designing solutions from simple to complex applications. Sewer and water pipeline are designed to meet the Australian Standard.

Pipeteck is also engaged in designing backflow requirements for protecting public water main. Repair such as damages caused by fire services in public areas and roads are also undertaken by Pipeteck.

In addition, Pipeteck renders CCTV of conduits, turbines and steam lines, hydro excavation, cable pull through with water jetting, fault and cable locating services for power companies. Cost effective sewer rejuvenation, locating, leak detection, high pressure water jetting, hydro excavation, CCTV drain inspections, trade waste installs, fire service repairs, backflow testing and gas appliance repairs are some of the locating and maintenance services from Pipeteck to plumbing industries.

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