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Wireless electronic book from Pioneer Computers Australia

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Pioneer Computers Australia release new wireless electronic book.Features of the wireless electronic book include:

  • Conformable for long time reading
  • 6" Eink 800X600 pixels, 8 level grey scale, no flicking ePaper screen
  • Friendly UI design
  • Touch Panel version supports hand writing input
  • Variety media format support
  • eBooks: pdf, epub, mobi, prc, txt, html, fb2 and rtf
  • Image: JPEG
  • Audio: MP3
  • Game: Sudoku and more
  • Expandable memory and connections to expend the joys of reading
  • Embedded 1GB NAND Flash, Expandable: up to 4GB MicroSD
  • Embedded Bluetooth/WiFi USB host support 3G/Wireless connection to internet or input devices
  • Amazing Battery Life
  • Built-in rechargeable Lipolymer Battery 3.7~4,2V 2050mA
  • Supporting 16000 turning pages in single charge (when battery is full)
  • Less than 2 hours for fast charge (80% full)
  • Less than 4 hours for normal charge (95% full)


Dimension: 132*190*120mm
Weight: 280g

Specifications of the wireless electronic book:

  • CPU 400MHz
  • Display 6" EInk 
  • Color 8 Gray Level 
  • Resolution 800X600 pixels 
  • DPI 170 
  • Screen Rotate Gsensor to rotate the screen automatically 
  • System Memory 64MB SDRAM NAND Flash 1GB 
  • Expandable Up to 4GB MicroSD Memory 
  • USB XI, Host, support BT/WiFi/3G/3.5G/2.4G dongles for wireless connection 
  • miniUSB x1, Connection to PC  
  • MicroSD x1 
  • Audio X1, 3.5mm headset plug 
  • Charger Power adaptor, input 100 to 240V switching, output 5V 2A 
  • Battery capacity Lipolymer 3.7V~4.2V, 2050mAh 
  • Dimension & Weight 132* 190*120mm, 280g 
  • Touch Input Yes, Touch Screen Resistive type 
  • Bluetooth Support: Embedded, BTv2 0 EDR 
  • WiFi Support: Embedded, 802.11b/g 
  • 3G Support: External USB Dongle, Huwei E220 
  • Wireless Support: 2.4G Wireless Dongle for Keyboard connection 
  • Format eBooks: pdf, epub, mobi, pre, txt, html, fb2, and rtf
  • Image: JPEG
  • Audio: MP3
  • Game: Sudoku and more  
  • Other Applications Entertainment Audio: 
  • Background music playing setting
  • On/Off
  • Play single/recycle/random
  • Image: Sliding show setting to provide users the option to view image by opening files manually or automatically.
  • Games:Provide at least Sudoku


SMTP & POP3 protocol, Providing user at least mail write
new/read/download/send/save/reply/forward functions.


With Embedded Reader (can be web browser)/feeder to receive RSS/News from predefined server.
Demo version need to get the following 4 RSS ready: CNN/UDN/Mirror/The Times

Web Browser:

Can be activated by book/email/RSS links
Be able to read the content for at least the following website:
Google, books/Web, Dictionary/Feedbooks, website/Online bookstore,
Google mails/web dictionary/Banner

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