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PIONEER Computers Australia sign up as Microsoft direct OEM partners

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PIONEER Computers Australia  have signed up as Microsoft direct OEM partners in Australia. Under the agreement, PIONEER Computers Australia will be able to offer their range of build to order DreamBook notebooks, DreamVision PCs and DreamMicro servers, with a direct license from Microsoft on Windows Vista, Windows XP, Microsoft Office 2007, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2003.

One of the recent offers from PIONEER Computers Australia is the ‘Microsoft Windows XP Home for Mini DreamBook’. Customers who purchase build to order ultra portable notebooks from Pioneer Computers Australia, such as the DreamBook Light IL1, IL2 or IL3, will be able to configure their computers with the Microsoft Windows XP Home edition and will also have access to Microsoft Windows Live preinstalled on their PCs.

According to Jeff Li, PIONEER Computers Australia, Microsoft Windows offers greater compatibility with device drivers and applications and give users a familiar and safe experience. With the ecosystem of products available on the Windows platform, it gives PIONEER Computers Australia’s channel partners more opportunities to up-sell and improve on their margins.

By signing up with Microsoft, PIONEER Computers Australia can now match leading edge hardware configuration and design capabilities with leading operating system software.

Computers from PIONEER Computers Australia are Microsoft Office Ready PCs. They come pre-installed with a trial version of Microsoft Office Professional 2007. This can easily be converted into a full version so that users can purchase Office 2007 with their new PCs.

Dream Micro servers are offered on a build to order basis, with specifications to suit any industry, including enhanced offerings for the education market. Microsoft’s Windows Server products are available on these servers.

An advantage of this relationship is that PIONEER Computers Australia will be able to offer Windows operating systems to their overseas customers.

According to PIONEER Computers Australia, Chinese customers can get their Windows in the Chinese version and Dubai customers in their Middle East version. This relationship is timely for the company as many of the DreamBook Light ILx are heading to overseas markets.

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