Compact, Safe and Powerful Programmable Safety and Control Systems PSS3000 from Pilz Australia


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Exercise complete safety related control of a plant, machine or process with Programmable Safety and Control Systems PSS3000 from Pilz Australia.

Versatile performance range, control systems
These compact programmable control systems can provide a wide range of automated safety solutions.
  • Monitoring of safety-related functions within commercial, manufacturing and industrial settings
  • Users are capable of determining the system structure
  • Extremely flexible
  • Centralised or decentralised architecture
  • Safety-related or standard control functions
  • Remote diagnostics and remote maintenance via Ethernet
Wide range of application options
Users are also able to put together their own individual solutions and can rely on a system that's completely compatible that include:
  • Modular safety and control systems
  • Compact safety and control systems
  • SafetyBUS p safe fieldbus system
  • PSSuniversal
  • InduraNET p
Whether it’s a standalone machine or a plant, the Pilz programmable safety system can provide an effective safety solution.
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