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Pirelli Torpress and Goodyear Super-Cushion Air Springs from PIES Australia are high strength rubber/fabric flexible air containers sealed by retainers at each end.

Optimal energy conductivity for materials
In operation air pressure inside the flexible member exerts internal force in an axial direction to produce a stroke for lifting, pushing, gripping, compacting or tensioning a variety of materials or objects.

  • When using Torpress air springs for vibration isolation, more than 99% of unwanted vibration can be isolated
  • When used in air actuation torpress air springs can provide up to 17,000 pounds of linear force and a stroke up to 20”
  • Torpress air springs can also be used to perform dual functions such as where a vibrating table needs to be raised or lowered and the vibration of the table needs to be isolated from the rest of the equipment
Vibration isolation applications for Torpress air springs

  • Vibrating shaker screens
  • Vibrating conveyors
  • Industrial washing and drying machines
  • Compressors, fans and blowers
  • Replacement of steel springs for better vibration isolation, height control, or height adjustment
Actuator applications for Torpress air springs

  • Tensioning device for cables, rolls and conveyors
  • Force device for die cutting and stamping
  • Vertical lift force for platforms and tables
  • Actuators for transfer tables
  • Pallet lifts
The air pressure in Torpress and Super-Cushion air springs also serves as an energy absorbing medium to provide superior vibration isolation, load levelling, and height control.
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